Pea (Pech), Mountain Pass, Kosovo

Drive up the road through the mountain passes in Pea (Pech), Kosovo. It is winter and the roads are covered with ice and snow. The roads are also narrow and passing cars and trucks are problematic as they approach. You can see granite walls on either side rising up and a drop-off below into a gulley and there appears to be a river. You can also see short tunnels carved out of the mountains. The lumber trucks approach periodically and are tough to pass. One of the roadways are carved into the side of a granite wall and are basically up against a wall and the edge . The mountains rise on all sides and are snow covered. the road is winding and narrow. A couple of the tunnels were also very narrow and there was only room for one vehicle. Video taken during a trip to Pea (Pech), Kosovo.

Tour of a mountain pass in Pea (Pech), Kosovo ]


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