Pea (Pech), Street Walking Tours, Kosovo

A walk through the streets of Pech (Pea), Kosovo. You can see the old and new buildings, the people shopping. It is December and quite cold, with snow and wind. The buildings have an old Soviet feel to them and there are other more modern buildings as well. the city is a juxtaposition of poverty and seeming wealth. The people seem to have a positive attitude despite the adversity. The streets have many trees and are lined with shops. Again as in the entire country there are many buildings that are partially completed for some reason. The whole area does not seem to be well maintained. We walked into what appears to be a small linear bazaar outside. The vendors are selling their wares, much of it is probably pirated. Videos taken during a trip to Pea (Pech), Kosovo. It is associated with a travel blog at

Walk through the town of Pech, (Pea), Kosovo ]


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