I finally made it to Asia, actually several times now and it’s quite a fascinating place. I’ve managed to find my way to Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia, and when I traveled to Turkey I crossed over into Western Asia but more on that later.

Southeast Asia – My first foray into the area was positive and I can see why people move there.  The place is like paradise in many areas, the people are friendly, the cost of living is very inexpensive and there is much to see.  You’ll love it if you go.

Southwest Asia – Wow, what in interesting part of the world this is.  It is dangerous and interesting for many reasons.  The people, history, cultures and geography seem to be continuously gripped in turmoil.  There is technology but at the same time much of the population lives in conditions we in the west haven’t seen in centuries.  It was an interesting trip indeed.

Western Asia –   I’ll cover this in more detail on other pages but the area where Europe and Asia meet was incredibly interesting for too many reasons to cover here.  Armies have rolled over the area for centuries and it is indeed a place where east meets west.

So, in the pages that follow you will find hundreds of pictures I took as I wandered around theses areas.  I was there for several weeks and absolutely loved it.  Look at the pictures…..all of them 🙂



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