Taipei International Airport

Here are pictures from Taipei International Airport.  For some reason my camera didn’t capture the rest despite my having pushed the button.  I didn’t see much either as we were herded directly to the connecting flight to Bangkok.  There was a bit of a construction project underway it appears and as I arrived early in the morning, not much was going on for an airport this size.  The people working the gates, customs, and airport employees were quite friendly as were many of the people in the airport itself.  It was quite and I settled into the waiting area for my flight.  There is wifi available in the waiting area and I was able to do some surfing while I waited.  Coming from a northern climate I could feel the temperature and humidity difference right away.  Nevertheless I was looking forward to my trip and was taking in all the scenery as I went alon

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g.  I anticipated a good time and that is exactly what happened.


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