England, wow, what a place … history, culture, architecture, food …. It has it all.  I lived there for around 10 months and the pages on this site attest to the great times I had and document many of the places I visited. Below you’ll find a brief bit of information and for more details you can visit the pages and learn about all the places I manged to visit.

Bedfordshire – Dragonboat festivals, St George day, Wrest Park, historical sites galore.

Cambridgeshire – A bustling multi-cultural and educational mecca, I loved it.

Kent – Canterbury and Dover to name a few places, a must see for any tourist

Lincolnshire – Burghley and Grimsthorpe Castles, Lincolnshire and much more. Ever hear of the Magna Carta?

London – Seriously, do you really need me to say more?

Northamptonshire – Fotheringhay Cathedral, Does Mary Queen of Scotts ring a bell?

Nottinghamshire – Robinhood and Sherwood Forest, need I say more?  Ever hear of robbing the rich and giving to the poor?  There’s more, but you have to read and visit first.

Oxfordshire – World class education and history you won’t believe.  I enjoyed my time here.

Somerset – Does Bath ring a bell?

Warwickshire – When I heard the words Stratford-Upon-Avon I jumped in my car and headed over, even the name is interesting.

Wiltshire – A pagan must see.

Yorkshire – York, this place is filled with Roman and Viking history.  Very enjoyable

So, on to some background.

I lived in Huntingdon, which is north of Cambridge an ancient town I visited frequently.  Huntingdon is a nice little town with everything you need and many of the people I met left me with the impression that they had never left the city or at least not far, perhaps the next city over.

I found that part about the population quite interesting in that life is very local and quite often I would meet people that hadn’t ventured even to the adjacent city more than once or twice in their life let alone outside their local shire.  When I first arrived in the country some of the people who had been there for years told me that everything in the country is very local and that proved to be true.  The downtown area is bustling with activity and the restaurants, pubs and coffee houses are filled with locals and some tourists.

It was a great place to visit and I loved every minute of my travels there.  It has everything for the history buff, shopper, adventurer, you name it.  If you want to relax you can do that as well. Oh, they take their football (soccer for the U.S) seriously and I do mean seriously.  It’s not a wise idea to wear the jersey of a competing team in any of the bars close to a local stadium.  A friend of mine who isn’t a huge fan but for some reason purchased a football jersey from a team in London (he liked the colors scheme I think) wandered into a pub controlled by the local fanclub of another team.  He was immediately accosted upon entry and I think the only thing that saved him was they realized he was an American and gave him the opportunity to leave.

One more thing I should mention is the royal family. It seemed to me they either like or hate them, there didn’t seem to be much of a middle ground.  I found the whole royalty thing quite interesting as we don’t have that in the states and it reflects back on ancient times and and gives us a look into the past.  In the following pages you will see many pictures from my tours of the various palaces and I must say the royals are Living Large … wow.  Anyhow, enjoy the pictures and be sure to leave some comments.



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