Christian Science Church Bedford

I generally stop by area churches as I travel and Bedford was no exception and there are some photo links taken during a visit to the Christian Science Church Society located in the city.  I attended a service and met the members in who were very cordial and helpful.

I walked around the exterior of the building and snapped a few photos and as you can see it is well maintained with a large parking lot adjacent to the building.  There are a few shrubs along the exterior and help to beautify the property and landscape efforts.

I walked in the front door in to the foyer and was met by a member who greeted me and answered a few questions.  Directly in front of me was the main area where services are held so I stepped in for a minute as I had some time until the services started.  It’s filled with padded chairs with the stage and podium to the front.  There were members milling about in this area and after a short conversation I moved on to the remainder of the church.

From the foyer if you look left there is a reading room and it is filled with books and items for visitors. Obviously well stocked and cared for I walked in and looked around for a few minutes.

Stepping out of the reading room and turning left I walked into the sunday school area and it’s also well appointed with desks and learning materials for the children.  Some of the students were already seated and I met one of the teachers.  As soon as I started speaking everyone turned around to see who it was as they heard a new voice and I have an “Accent”.  This is something I didn’t grow weary of during my trip through England as it’s a conversation starter and I’d not been anywhere up to that point where I had an accent and could understand the locals.  The children seemed to be fascinated with my accent and it was a bit humorous.  Anyhow, services were starting so I walked back to the auditorium.

The services follow a standard format and I listened with great interest as the readers ran the service.  It was great and afterwards I spoke with the people who attended the service.  They were all quite friendly and I told them of my plans for the day.  They were very helpful and offered advice and told me I could use their lot while I visited Bedford. I thanked everyone and went on my way visiting the city and having fun and a local festival.

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