One of the many cities I visited while I lived in England was Cambridge, a name with immediate name recognition and for many good reasons.  It has a globally recognized university, some of the most recognized academicians have taught or are still teaching there.  And the place is associated with discoveries in the areas of math and science that still have a profound impact on the world even today.

The pages that follow provide photos and background information for the various trips I took while in England. It’s a great place to visit and is literally filled with sites to see, historical and modern.  There are museums, parks, shopping districts and pedestrian zones all over town and you couldn’t possible get the full experience in just one day.

Cambridge has it all

Carnivals – who doesn’t like carnivals?  This one was great fun

Cambridge American Cemetery – One of many World War II cemeteries located around England and Europe.

Dancing Astronaut – Your life is incomplete if you don’t see at least one of these.

Cambridge Tour – I spent quite a bit of time in Cambridge and you can get a feel for the city here and here.

Christian Science society – I normally visit churches as I travel and here is one of the many.

Russian Ambassador – I don’t know if I’ve mentioned how much I love dumb luck but I stumbled on a lecture and thought, “Why not”.


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