Cambridge Tour 2

I think I mentioned I made several trips to Cambridge while I lived in England as it was only 30 minutes or so from where I lived and there is so much to see.  England has a unique feel to it and there’s so much that’s very British, like the cabs, phone booths and double decker busses.

I spent days wandering around the city, stopping at coffee houses, eating, wandering through the many colleges and universities, museums and parks.   Everything has an old historical feel to it and rightly so as the city has been around for hundreds of years.  What I found interesting among the many things I loved about England and Cambridge is I could walk in to a restaurant that had been continually operating for hundreds of years to have a cup of coffee.  Amazing.

You can see here pictures of a cab, the type that seems to be omnipresent in the larger cities.
Many of the buildings and cathedrals have their origin dating back centuries and provide an opportunity to admire the architecture and admire the creativity and drive the builders and artisans must have had to create it without modern technology.  And the building not only still stands, it is solid as a rock, something we definitely can’t say about the way we build things today.    Look at these buildings, hundreds of years old and other than the wear which normally occur over time, here they are.  If you ever have the chance to visit Cambridge, I strongly recommend it. Spend a few days wandering around and enjoying all it has to offer.


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