Christian Science Church Cambridge

I visited this the Christian Science church while I was in Cambridge and it’s situated in what appears to be a centuries old cathedral type building.  As you approach there’s a gated area that you have to enter and then proceed to the door.  The time I went there was an individual greeting people I stopped to say hello, and introduce myself.

As you enter there is a large open area that takes you to the main area where the service is held which is on the right.  Straight ahead is the foyer, a reading room and hallway leading to the Sunday School, meeting rooms, offices and other multi-use rooms.  As you look through the church to the back, there’s also an entrance and if you walk out there’s a small walled area with another door that leads out into an alley.  The Sunday school is well lit, with plenty of desks, books and activities for the children and this is where meetings are normally held on Wednesday evenings.  The main area where the service is held is quite large and filled with chairs so attendees can hear the readers deliver the Sunday sermon.

It all has an old Historical feel to it in addition to the solemnity you normally feel in a church.  There’s quite a bit of polished wood in the place and it must require quite a bit of time to maintain.  Nevertheless it’s obviously well looked after as the entire building, which is quite large is clean, neat and orderly.  The members are all friendly and inviting and I enjoyed my time there. The Sunday service was fantastic and all the readers as well as the soloist and organist did a marvelous job.

As you can see the outside of the church as that look of history about it. I think the membership took over an existing building.  As you enter the front door on your right is where you turn to listen to the services and there is even a handicap ramp available for visitors.  The main service area is filled with new comfortable seating for attendees as well. The alley next to the church as parking spots if you arrive early enough and as you can see it all has that English feel about it. Cobblestone, narrow alleys from long ago and history all around you.

As I mentioned the sunday school is colorful, well maintained and has plenty of activities for the kids.

I walked around the facility to have a look and shoot some pictures. As you can see the back entry is a wall with a door cut in probably a throwback to ancient and provides an area outside for relaxing that is at the same time protected from the traffic outside. If you get the chance visit this place and say hi.

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