I created this page as a parent to events and places I visited or stayed in while I lived in Huntingdon England.  Huntingdon is a nice little town with quick highway access and everything you need like shopping, pubs, a pedestrian zone and the city is quite well organized. I stayed in a nice house while I lived in Huntingdon as you can see here, more on this later.

I visited a couple of festivals, visited with the locals, sampled the food and purchased souvenirs as any good tourist would do.  I also stayed in an upscale hotel in Hitchingbrook once and had a nice time. I will cover these events in more detail on the subordinate pages.

The Manor & Hotel Alconbury – I’ve been there a couple times and enjoyed it every time.

Britannia Inn – During my many trips in and around Huntingdon I stayed here several times.

I stayed in Huntingdon for quite some time and rented a place, quite nice actually and I enjoyed my stay. Here are some pics of the exterior, the living room, and the kitchen.

RIverfest – this was a great time history, food, culture, I spent the entire day there.

Mariott Hitchingbrooke – On one of my visits I ended up at an upscale hotel, very nice.


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