Britannia Inn 1

Ah the Britannia Inn on RAF Alconbury.  I’ve stayed here several times as I passed through or lived in England working and traveling.  It’s reasonably priced, relatively close to a city so there are activities, food, shopping and entertainment which can be quickly accessed.

The last time I was there the Inn had just undergone a renovation and it felt somewhat new.

One of the things they did was to take two adjoining rooms and make it one living area which became sort of an apartment.

One entry brought you in to a small living room with couch television, desk and the sorts of things you would expect as a business traveler.  What were once two bathrooms was merged into one with a sink mirror combo on either end of the bathroom.

The bedroom was on the other end which can be accessed by it’s own door of by walking straight through the living room and bath.  It was quite nice and provided a feeling of at least being in something that resembled a home rather than a hotel room.  Nicely done and close to a store, restaurant and other amenities.

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