Huntingdon House Kitchen

While I worked in England I rented a place in Huntingdon which was a short drive from where I worked and I chose it for a variety of reasons.  It was close to a city that had everything I needed, there was quick highway access and I was close to other things I needed at the time.

Here are pictures of a house I lived in while I was working in England.  You can see the individual rooms as well as the exterior and interior from all angles.  The color scheme throughout the whole house was white which made it bright and cheery.

The kitchen was well organized with plenty of storage space and everything I needed to live there. I purchased a few small appliances for convenience and it was a great place to make meals.  I took a picture of the water heater as I noticed the Brits use point of use water heaters and being an electrician I also looked over the electrical panel.  Totally different from what you see in the states and looks quite simple to install.

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