Huntingdon House Living Room

As I wander through the house I thought It would be a great idea to take a bunch of photos for posterity and here are more, this time from the living room.

The living room was large as and fully furnished.  I took the place over from another person who had to leave and ended up leaving all the furnishings for me.  I ended up with chairs a couch, television, and book stand.  quite nice for my first place in England.

The room was carpeted and was a nice place to spend time in the evening watching television.  It turns out that everyone is entitled to a cable box with basic stations that provide more than enough entertainment unless you’re into popular dramas or soaps.  I’m not a bit TV watcher so it was fine for me as I also intended to travel as much as possible and a large cable selection was not high on my agenda.

I also included the staircase winding up to the upstairs which was also white as you can see.  The entry way was also quite large and as you enter the house you can access a bathroom, dining room, living room kitchen or the upstairs.  I though it was quite well organized.

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