Huntingdon Festival

Just like everywhere I’ve traveled, the Brits like festivals and they either make up a reason or reach back in history.  While I was in Huntingdon they hosted a couple of festivals, this one had a historical feel to it with the people all dressed up in some type of period costume from their past.  Here you can see people gathered around to watch I believe a joust and some period actors recreating activities from their past.  They also had some vendors dressed in period clothing making food from their past and selling it. Of course I tried some of it and believe they did a tremendous job.  The spices weren’t as prevalent as we have today or at least in the states but nevertheless, it was good.

As I walked the grounds of the Riverfest there were people set up demonstrating activities like cooking, tool making, food preservation, weaponry and I think there was even a bit of falconry.  Here you can see areas of the ground with the tents and activities underway.  There were some people that even made a week of it and stayed on the grounds in their own tents and really got in to the celebratory mood.

The festival was located adjacent to the river, the day was sunny and there were plenty of activities for all ages.  I saw a few performers acting out scenes from the past like a trial, dancing, jousting , and weapons demonstrations.  Some of these pictures give you a feel for the area the festival covered.  It was a park or parade ground that ran along the eastern part of the city.

I quite enjoyed myself, talking to the exhibitors, sampling the food and watching the locals provide some very entertaining activities designed to recreate the past.



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