Huntingdon Riverfest

I think I mentioned somewhere that the British love festivals of all types as do most cultures I’ve found.  Turns out the Americans haven’t cornered the market and good thing too.  A bonus I love about the festivals in England is the tie in to history which is completely fascinating.  This one was held on the river in Huntingdon, England.

The whole thing was laid out on I believe fair grounds or a large park situated on the river in Huntingdon.  There was plenty of parking and the fee was reasonable so I stopped in to look around.  As is the norm there were vendors of all types but here it appears most were selling home made food, drink and crafts.  There were also games and events in the center of the grounds so as you walked the perimeter and browsed the tents you wouldn’t miss the festivities.  I, of course wandered into every tent and sampled what I could.  Oh, one thing I especially loved was the tents resembled what you see associated medieval England and activities involving knights and jousting.

Many of the people were also dressed in period clothing to make the event even more interesting.  I sampled honey, a barley drink (I haven’t ever seen anything like this in the U.S. so I had to try it.  It was great and I wish it was sold back home).  I also tried some local cider, bread, cheese and meet.  I ended up purchasing some things to mail home so my family could also sample the local food.

I was there most of the day, wandering through the tents, watching the races and medieval events staged by the locals and enjoyed the entire thing.  This was one of many such events I discovered and attended while I lived in England and I highly recommend you attend if you are ever touring the British Isles.



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