St Neots

Ah, St Neots.  It’s a nice little town, a quick drive from Huntingdon and remarkably active as I noticed when I lived in the area.  It was a great place to go on Friday and Saturday evenings and normally on the weekend there was something going on in the city center.  A thriving little community, not on a Cambridge level but it was close, active and typical English architecture.  There was a festival underway and you can see the locals in historical traditional dress.

As you can tell from the pictures the city square is an active place and the streets are lined with interesting little shops selling everything a local or tourist could want.  I drove over many times to watch the events hosted there.

The city itself had plenty of cobblestone streets and buildings that looked like something from centuries ago.  Along with these buildings with their historical feel were modern buildings of course as with most cities new structures appear all the time. These pictures were of a festival where everyone wore traditional dress and which I find so fascinating.  Also in this square there is a nice little coffee house I would show up at on Sunday to have a cup and read the local paper.  There’s also a park further up the road across the river with convenient parking and as I recall it was free or rather inexpensive.

Oh, there are several bakeries in the town and I just loved the local baked goods and the look n their eyes when I asked for something and drew their attention due to my “Accent”.  I remember one bakery I walked in to along a side street and I think the woman working the counter was from Ukraine or Russia  so English wasn’t her native language.  Added to that was my twist on the language as I was speaking American English and she stared at me initially trying no doubt to decipher what I’d just said.  We finally worked out what I wanted and I was on my way.   In case I haven’t mentioned it I just love being somewhere I have and accent and can be understood, as it makes the whole trip fascinating.   Anyhow, if you are in the area, go to St. Neots, the people are nice and it is an active little town with plenty to do.

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