Canterbury.  Does the name sound familiar?  This place has been inhabited since prehistoric times I was told and has a multitude of buildings, historical sites and tourist attractions to hold your attention.

Canterbury Cathedral – An amazing place, enormous, filled with history. I saw the tomb of the Black Knight.  Not A Black Knight, THE BLACK KNIGHT 🙂

Some of the historical structures that still remain, include a city wall founded in Roman times and rebuilt in the 14th century, the ruins of St Augustine’s Abbey and a Norman castle, and I believe, the oldest school in England, The King’s School.  Some of the more up to date structures include the University of Kent, Canterbury Christ Church University, the University College for the Creative Arts, The American University – Canterbury, the Marlowe Theater, and the St Lawrence Ground, home to Kent County Cricket Club.

It was few hours drive from my base of operations in Huntingdon but on the following pages you will see some of the many pictures I was able to take.  What a great place, full of history and the drive there wasn’t bad either as the country side is lush and green with rolling terrain and stops along the way for coffee and side trips.

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