Methodist Church Northampton

I was in a large park in Northampton (there are multiple) and the group I was with decided to head over to a Methodist Church because one of the people was an organist and wanted to practice.  Not having anything particularly interesting to do I followed to have a look.  The place has been around for over a century, perhaps more as far as I could tell.

You can see by the outside of the building and architecture that the place has been around quite a while but despite this, is quite well maintained.  The grounds are manicured and as seem to be the norm in England, a graveyard is part of the landscape and is also well maintained.  I searched for someone famous but came up empty handed. So, on in we went.

We came up on the park side and a door was open so we went inside and asked to see the place.  The individual who is an organist somewhere asked permission to play and while the others listened to him I wandered around the place and took pictures. There is some unique aspect to the organ that brought us to this church but I don’t recall what it was.  Seems it’s something about the manufacturer or quality of sound perhaps.

There’s a tremendous amount of woodwork throughout the whole building and it appears to be hand crafted.  The woodwork on the walls, dias, podium, seating and balcony are all full of intricately crafted items. It’s also well maintained as all the wood appeared to have been recently polished.

As you can tell by the photos there are an appropriate amount of candles, and large windows with cut ornamental glass that still allowed the place to be illuminated quite well.

I climbed up on the balcony to shoot a couple photos and you can see how big the place is and the layout somewhat.  I also wandered into the side rooms where it appears smaller services perhaps are held.

Methodist Church Northampton pictures

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