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I finally arrived in Bath, which is in Somerset, England a bit of a drive southwest of London.  Still, the countryside is beautiful and the drive seemed rather quick.  I located a place to park which was quite near the downtown area, grabbed my camera and off I went.  As is the case throughout England everything has a historical feel to it.  The entire country, as far as my opinion is concerned gives you a feel of being a part of history or at least walking though it, which you are in fact doing.

The pedestrian ways are narrow and lined with shops offering a variety of wares every tourist can’t live without and I ended up purchasing some souvenirs while I was there.  I think I walked almost every road, pedestrian way and alley while I was there to get a feel of the place and take a boat load of pictures.  It was overcast and a bit drizzly the day I was there but that is typical British weather.  I remember when I first arrived and after several weeks of not seeing the sun I asked my British friends what they did with the sun. Overcast and drizzly is normal there and I learned to live with it.  Despite it’s drawbacks, which every country has, my overall experience was excellent and I would love to go back and explore the entire country.

Pictures                     Pictures

Back to Bath though.

I did walk over to the Baths and there was a line so I proceeded on to other areas to see what was going on.  the place was overrun with tourists from all over the planet.

The architecture is impressive and you feel like you stepped back in time.

The pictures belie the number of tourists as I arrived very early in the morning and walked in areas that are not normally tourist attractions.  I think I mentioned in a previous post that I have a tendency to make my way to areas where no foreigners visit to get a feel for the place and Bath was no different.

Here you can see the crowds start to develop and by mid day the place was packed.

Little shops line every walkway, street and many alleys all with the intention of providing tourists with everything they could possibly need.

Here is a picture of various buildings and one of the post boxes which dot the landscape.  I just loved the phone booths, mail boxes and taxis and busses as they are so Brithsh.

I visited many of the cathedrals while in England and Bath was no different.  They are normally huge structures, magnificently designed and constructed.  It is amazing how they were able to build such large structure without the equipment and technology we have today.  A testament to their creativity and work ethic.

Considering all the wars and armies that rolled over England during the previous centuries it is remarkably well kept and quite a bit of history remains from many of the periods from the past.  If you ever have the chance to visit Bath, I highly recommend it.


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