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So, I was doing some research on where I could go next during my tour of the British Isles and I read a short article on Bath.  I think I saw it advertised on one of the British Historical organizations.  Anyhow, turns out this place was built built up as a vacation spot by the Romans.  Not doubt other people and cultures put their stamp on it over the centuries as the Romans didn’t discover it but they are the ones that seem to be connected to it for whatever reason.

It is only a few hours drive from my place in Huntingdon so I figured what the heck, jumped in my car and off I went.  As is almost always the case in England, I had to find a place to park as this seems to be an issue everywhere.  I loved the British isles and the Brits in general but if there’s a way to get a pound out of you…. Whew.  I thought the Americans were global leaders at nickle and dime-ing you to death but the Brits are really Samauri Warriors in this area.  Anyhow, on to my Bath experience.

Bath part 1 – You really can’t spend just one day here but I tried.

Bath Part 2 – The tour continues.

In the following pages you can see dozens or even hundreds of pictures I took while I was in Bath and as almost always the case I have other videos on my social media sites

Bath England


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