I drove  up through Glasgow, Scotland through the Highlands and on to Inverness during the summer.  Scotland was a great drive, rolling countryside and the highlands were covered with a purple flower (the Scottish Heather I think) at the time making it even more beautiful.  Most of the trip was a winding single lane road with a remarkable amount of construction and proceeding at a nice slow pace.  It was a great pleasure driving at a leisurely pace through the Highlands, admiring the scenery.

The following pages go into more detail regarding my road trip and what I saw along the way.  Something I found quite interesting was the accent seemed to change as soon as I crossed the boundary between Scotland and England.  I stopped at a rest area as soon as I entered the country to get some coffee and look at souvenirs.  I had recently stopped for gas on the English side and noticed the accents were a bit different from that in Huntingdon where I lived.  And, the Scottish accents were even more pronounced which I loved.  Of course they poke fun at me because of my “American” accent so I guess it depends on who you are.

I loved the Scottish accent on a woman, it sounds so pleasant.  Anyhow, take a look at my Scottish road trip and tell me what you think.


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