Sarajevo 2

So I’m back in Sarajevo wandering around the town and wander down a street with artisans so and again it is up an incline so I figure, what the heck.  There was some interesting items for sale, all hand made of course and along the way I also saw a barber an I figured I’d get my hair cut in the city.  I walked in and was told to come back in half hour or so and I turned back outside and headed up the hill to see where it led.  I could see some sort of an overlook off in the distance and it appeared as if the winding road I was on at least went in that direction so I headed up the mountain as it were.

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It was quite a climb, literally 30 degrees, probably more all the way up and I was sweating quite a bit early on.  I managed to locate a sidewalk restaurant and purchased a drink and sandwich and admired the view so far as I sat on the wall surrounding a park or something.  After eating I began my trek up the hill as the street wound in and out, shrank to a cobblestone footpath, back again to something resembling a street and it ultimately joined a road that actually lead from the bottom to the top which I missed somewhere along the line but at least I ended up in approximately the correct location.  It was more upward climbing though and not a straight shot either.  I finally made my way to the restaurant that overlooked the city, covered in sweat and glad I’d made it.  I sat down, ordered a drink and admired the city as from this point I could see the whole thing. Sarajevo is a nice city and I could see myself spending more time there as well as Moster and the country in general if I could. The people seemed nice, I enjoyed the food, prices were reasonable and it is full of history.

After having a drink I made my way back down what I though was the same route I used coming up but there were several paths all converging at various points, none of which are straight.  The thing that saved me is I could see the city below off and on so I knew my general direction was correct.  It was a bit more challenging on the way down I learned as in addition to being a bit tired, gravity wanted me to hurry.  I did end up at the base of the hill and surprisingly enough only one street away from the one I was on earlier in the day.  I walked into the barber had a nice woman cut my hair and I was actually able to have a short conversation with them.  Oh, and it was quite inexpensive as well.

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Leaving there I walked to the edge of town where the tourists don’t normally congregate and there was a woman sitting on a stool outside a coffee house so I decided I’d stop.  She was watching the place for her boyfriend and I got a short story of her life and life in general for Bosnians which was quite interesting.  Turns out there isn’t much work in the country at all so everyone just sort of hangs out, smokes and drinks coffee… at least that is the story I got.  To be honest I couldn’t see much available for them as far as a good job is concerned other than clerking at a store or working at the bazaar.  The university as I recall was quite busy as they all were regardless of where I went in eastern Europe.  I do recall another conversation I had a woman in Mcdonalds as she told me of her dreams of being an Architect if she could only find a way to pay for college.  A common issue I’ve found, even in the states.  Despite the economics of the place, everyone was quite nice, helpful and I enjoyed my time there.

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I spent the remainder of the day wandering the side streets speaking to whomever I could that would listen and I ended up in a small coffees shop which had a beauty saloon hidden behind a sliding wall so the owner could pick up extra cash in addition to the coffee and sandwiches.  They are a resourceful bunch, you have to give them credit.  That and from what I learned they actually own their houses and have for perhaps decades or centuries.  Not like the United States where you never actually own any property.  If you don’t believe me, stop paying property taxes 🙂

Well after scouring the town for experiences I made my way back to the apartment and relaxed, in preparation for the drive back the next day.  I ended up rising early the next morning and walking back to the same bus station I’d been twice before to meet up with my driver.  He eventually showed up and we began the same trek back with each border conversation ending with “And, One American.  The good thing is I was able to acquire a couple more stamps for my passport which makes me happy.  What a great experience and the trip to and from was trip by itself.  We stopped again for dinner and had some type of sausages with pita and vegetables which turned out to be great.  Everyone I met was pleasant along the whole route thanks in part to the people I was with speaking just enough English to make the trip fun.


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