In case I didn’t mention it anywhere else there were times during the year I lived in Pristina that the crows were like locust. I mean there must have been tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands flying over in groups.  And, they would land in the trees in Film City. It was like living in an Orson Wells movie set, seriously.  And the noise as you are probably aware was just as much of a nuisance as the birds themselves.  You put a couple crows together and the sqwaking isn’t that bad but when you combine them by the tens of thousands?  Well, staying indoors is your only option, and the noise is only part of the issue,  most of the time the birds had come from an all you can eat buffet.  Well, you can probably guess what happened.


I shot a bunch of videos on different occasions as the crows came and went.  You can see the birds and other videos here:

Crows video 1                     Crows video 2             Crows video 3              Crows video 4

Crows video 5                     Crows video 6             Crows video 7




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