Film City Barracks

Here is a room I stayed in while I lived in Pristina, Kosovo. It was small and austere but it was good enough at the time.  The room was quite small, perhaps 7 foot or so across or so and 15 feet or so long I believe.  When you enter a small room had been made on the right that served as a bathroom, it was just big enough to squeeze in a corner shower and toilet with small sink.  You didn’t want to spend much time in the bath so I generally got in, and got out.  The remainder as you can see was large enough for a single bed and a small desk and chair.  I had a couple wall lockers arranged strategically so if anyone came in I would still have some privacy as they blocked the view of anyone entering.  I didn’t have much with me at the time so the place was more than adequate.  I was able to secure internet from a local company and although it wasn’t like being in the west is served it’s purpose.  I had my laptop with me and I was able to connect to the world and update my site and send emails home.

As I said the bathroom was small and when I got in the shower it was just big enough for me to turn around but if I dropped something I had to watch or the door would spring open if I bumped it due to lack of space.  The room itself was actually part of 8 other small cell type living quarters sandwiched together so a bunch of people could live in a small space.  Quite ingenious actually.

Oh, I should mention I was able to locate a fake christmas tree in town and there was even enough room to set it up with some lights. I also purchase wall decorations and lights to go along with the tree.  I was surprised to see all the christmas stuff in town as the country is Muslim and I didn’t think they celebrated the holiday the way westerners do.  Despite this there were quite a few christmas ornaments, trees and various decorations available in some of the stores and I grabbed them quickly before they disappeared.

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