Turkish Army Band

I met some people from Turkey while in Pristina and one day they told me I was invited to a celebration and the Turkish Army Band was to play.  What luck eh?  I had the chance to see a military band play in a third country and I jumped at the chance.

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The event was held in a huge clam shell tent that had the capacity to hold hundreds of people and as I entered I could see the band at the far end set up to play.  The place was packed with tables on the perimeter serving food and drink from Turkey other countries as well such as Austria, Italy, Sweden, France and a few others. I of course sampled as much as I could during the night but there is only so much one guy can consume.

The band began playing and I moved in close to listen. The acoustics of the place worked out well and I could hear them play clearly no matter where I was.  I should mention that I’m not a musical expert and may very well be tone deaf as I have not idea but the music I heard sounded great.  The orchestra played for several hours and anyone who wished could dance in an area set up in front of the players.  I spent the night visiting with friends, making new ones, listening to music and eating.  Generally having a great time as this turned out to be perhaps a once in a lifetime event for me as most things are. It was a chance event and I happened to be in the area so I can add this to a long list of places and events I’ve seen and experienced.

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The band played all sorts of music, some traditional Turkish music which I had not heard up til this time as well as more traditional classical pieces that even I had heard at some point.  They performed marvelously and should be and probably are a point of pride for the Turks.

As I mentioned, they did a great job and you can watch the videos on my youtube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?feature=addto&list=PLh3uVTaaPyqW9lefRS8m66d7G6peyv7tx



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