I gave quite a bit of detail regarding the quick trip I took to Turkey.  This Istanbul trip is intended to provide additional information as I recall it and links to loads of pictures.  I think I mentioned I only had a short time in Turkey and I was fully engaged for the few days I was there.  I walked all over and rode tour buses several times to get a feel for the place.

The pictures were taken while walking all over the Grand Bazaar both inside and out, including the individual shops.  I walked in and around the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Sultan Ahmet moque and square.  I visited both continents upon which Istanbul lies; the European and Asian side. I took a tour down the Bosphorus, a cable car ride several bus tours through the city as well as view from many walking tours.

Well, Istanbul is an ancient, amazing city and I shot many, many videos…watch them all

Istanbul videos 1          Istanbul videos 2         Istanbul videos 3        Istanbul videos 4

Istanbul videos 5          Istanbul videos 6         Istanbul videos 7         Istanbul videos 8

Istanbul videos 9          Istanbul videos 10

Yep, you guessed it, I took a bunch of pictures.  Enjoy

Istanbul pictures 1                              Istanbul pictures 2                              Istanbul pictures 3

Istanbul pictures 4                               Istanbul pictures 5                             Istanbul pictures 6

Istanbul pictures 7




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