Airport Munich

So, I’ve found myself transiting the airport in Munich on several occasions and for some reason the jet stops a good distance from the terminal and a bus picked up the passengers.  I’v experienced this at more than one airport since I travel quite a bit so it’s no big deal.  A bus or several buses were next to the plane and we all loaded up and were taken to the terminal.  The airport was undergoing some renovations the times I stopped and it was quite active.  From what I could tell the place is well kept, with a variety of renovations underway.


It is a typical terminal, filled with stores, restaurants and plenty of seating.  As I normally do I took off into the terminal to locate my departure gate and once content I’d found it I turned back around to have a look.  Being the typical tourist I had to stop in to several souvenir shops to perhaps make a purchase and ended up buying some post cards.

Each time I’ve landed here I didn’t have a great deal of time to hang out so I was on sort of a power tour of the place.  I snapped a few picture, grabbed a bite and a souvenir and hung out at my gate to people watch.  I think the terminal manager is intent on growing the place as I noticed some cranes and quite a bit of construction so I’d look for this place to be a major hub in the future.

It seems to be a launching point for flights into Eastern Europe, the United Kingdom and most parts of the European Union as it’s location is suited for access to the surrounding countries.  The place is orderly, my flights haven’t ever been delayed or late so I have to say I’m satisfied at this point with the terminal in general and would probably use it again in the future.



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