Pictures from my travels around various sites in Bangkok, Thailand.  I visited multiple temples around China Town, inlcuding the Golden Mountain, Reclining buddha, Wat Po, Siam Square, Victory Monument, Bang Rak, Sathorn, China Town itself.  I rode the river taxi, the over-head train, airport rail link and subway.  I also took a day trip to Auytthaya, an ancient city, took a bunch of pictures and rode an elephant.  I took a train and purchased a third class ticket so I could ride with the locals.  The train was packed, possibly holding far more people than the train was intended to hold but this is Thailand.

Bangkok is active and thriving with the omnipresent street vendors, night markets and stores of every type,  There’s literally everything you could reasonably want available.  Sukhumvit was interesting but not a place to hang around unless you’re into beer and prostitutes.  The bars in this area are interesting and lively though.  It was packed with tourists from all over the world.  I also went down to Pattaya and Jomtien beach.  Pattaya is very much like Sukhumvit but with a beach setting, the walking street is lined with bars of various types, stores and vendors.  I then took a trip to Ko Larn, an island off the coast of Pattaya to get a look as I heard some amazing things about it.  I took the ferry across and visited several beaches. Although there were portions that probably at one time were beautiful it smelled like a dump and stale beer.   If that’s your thing, this is the place for you.  Despite being overrun and overused by drunk tourists there are areas that still retain their beauty.  I would visit it for a day just to see the place.  The small portion of Thailand I visited were quite nice, the people were friendly and helpful and I will probably return.

Ayutthaya – My trip to Ayutthaya

Bangkok – My life in Bangkok

Pattaya – A trip to Pattaya

The food in Thailand– some of my meals in Thailand





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