Do you need one?

Hey, if you consider yourself a traveler, you need a passport.  Get out there, get that thing stamped, apply for visas somewhere, build up your miles.  Unless you plan on staying in the U.S. the answer is yes.  Or, you work for some part of the government that can overcome this obstacle. If you are, you probably don’t need my help anyhow.

Do you have one?

If you don’t, you can fill out the application online, print it off and with a fee and required documents have it in hand as soon as 48 hours.

Go to the U.S. State Department or U.S. Postal Service website and fill out the application.  After that, print it off, sign it and go get yourself some passport photos. You’ll normally send it in with your passport photos, a fee, proof of U.S. citizenship and a return envelope, postage paid.

It is a painless process, as I’ve been through it several times and know what it takes.  But once it arrives, you’ve taken that first step to become a full fledged international traveler.

Get out there now and rack up some memories.  Oh, and visit my website for updates. Better yet, post some of your updates to this website so everyone can enjoy your experiences.


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