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I’ve been driving or flying to or through quite a bit of the united states throughout the course of my life and have probably hit all of them east of the Mississippi and a bunch west of it. I find it quite interesting that when I travel, especially in Europe there are quite a few of them I’ve met over the years that would like to come visit the states, have already been or are planning a trip.  I’ve told some of my friends that the Europeans are trying to get to the states and the Americans are trying to get to Europe. I think I mentioned an Austrian I met a while back who has a subscription to ESPN that allows him to watch the Philadelphia Eagles, via the internet.  Anyhow, I’ll make a list of the states I’ve visited some day but here are a few of the more recent.

Alabama – I landed in Mobile a while back and a storm delayed my flight, which I’m not unaccustomed to. The problem was, all the restaurants were closed and since the airport is sort of small, the people were mostly outside in the drop off area.  So, I got on my cellphone and ordered pizza.  I was able to talk a local pizza deliver business to bring me one and shortly thereafter the car drove up.  Everyone was watching in awe as I walked up to the car and handed the guy some bills, sat down and began eating.  I also suggested that everyone who had a cellphone and could do the same.  The plane left later in the evening and I ended up enjoying my time there.  I should add that everyone I met in Alabama was friendly and little bit I saw of the area was quite nice.

Arizona – Hot, if you like the desert, shrub-brush, history and constant summer fun, this is for you.

California – I love California, it’s on the ocean, has mountains, swimming, babes, beaches, is close to Mexico.  What else could you ask for.

Colorado – I’ve been to Colorado Springs, Bolder and Denver.  I flew in to Colorado Springs once on my way home and although I didn’t have time to explore, from what I saw and heard it is a nice town.  I drove to Boulder from Michigan a while back and upon reaching Boulder I could imagine myself living there. It was sort of artsy, with the mountains right there and I drove up into them for a few hours exploring.  I actually saw a moose standing in someone’s yard.  The drive was interesting, the landscape beautiful and it’s definitely a place I could live.  Denver was a place I spent only a few hours in but what a lively city, with no lack of things to do.  Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed ever minute in Colorado and the drive in from the east was actually enjoyable.

Delaware – I flew into Dover and immediately stopped by a store to get a pop and a lottery ticket.  The clerk was bragging that the state lottery was up to $250,000 which was quite small compared to say, Michigan.  The little I actually saw of the state was nice and I would like to return to do some exploring.

Florida – Need I say more?

Georgia – I spent a few days in Hinesville visiting a friend and we visited Fort Stewart and the surrounding area.  I enjoyed it but couldn’t see myself living there.  Oh, I was flying through Atlanta International Airport when the Olympics were gearing up and ran into some Olympians from Europe. They were having a great time and the whole place was busier than normal due to the festivities.

Hawaii – If I could live anywhere in the U.S., any of these islands would rank right up there.  It’s absolutely gorgeous, paradise really.

Illinois – Chicago, if you’ve never been there, I suggest you go.  It’s full of things to do.  I went to Soldier field, Wrigley Field, sightseeing around the city, Rush Street (you really need to go here if you’re a into pub crawls) rode the subway and got caught in rush hour traffic.  The place is absolutely hopping and I loved every minute of it.

Indiana – I drove down to Southbend for work once and briefly visited Notre Dame, quite a place indeed.  Southbend is sort of an industrial town and looks like there are things to do although I didn’t spend a great deal of time looking around as I was engaged in other activities.  I did spend quite a bit of time in the Fort Benjamin Harrison area which I found interesting.  One of the buildings in town had been converted from a railway station to a mall and I recall a store that sold an enormous amount of trains.  I also found my way down to the Indianapolis 500 track, it’s huge and enormously popular.

Iowa – Drove through it once, lots of corn. Looks like it could be interesting to explore the major cities.

Kentucky – I’ve drive through many times and spent time in the Fort Knox area.  I stopped in Lexington once and found the locals to be quite friendly.  I also worked in Corbin for a bit and I recall an experience in a restaurant I which really reflects on the people down there.  It was near closing time and I had eaten but wanted a small salad. I motioned the waitress over and asked if it was possible, since I could see them cleaning up.  She said, “Honey, go up and help yourself, no charge”  I though that was nice of them since it was late and they were trying to get out of there and go home.

Maine – This is an exceptionally rural state, heavily forested and seemingly designed for the outdoor type.  A great place indeed.

Maryland – I spent some time in the Rockville area and it’s quite active, an enormous subdivision and city nestled in a heavily wooded area.  Rural, but in the city at the same time, interesting.

Massachusetts – I’ve been here several times and the locals refer to it as Taxachussettes. Interesting but I found the state quite beautiful. Boston is an amazing city.

Michigan – Has changed their state slogan several times in the  last few decades but has enough things to keep you busy indefinitely.

Minnesota – Went to the Mall of America once.  That place is huge or at least the largest mall I’d been to at the time.  Minneapolis is nice from the little I saw of it as I was only there for a short time.

Mississippi – I drove from the top to the bottom and stayed in the Biloxi area, ate in the casino restaurants and visited the area.  I actually enjoyed it but I was there in August and boy was it hot.  I remember asking someone why I didn’t see anyone outside… seriously. She said it was too hot to be outside and the only ones that were actually outside were tourists. I did drive along the coast to Baton Rouge several times and the coast offered a nice drive.

Missouri – Rolling, heavily wooded terrain, friendly people, St. Louis, a great state to visit.

Nebraska – Wow, I drove through there once and boy is it a drive.  It’s incredibly flat and as you drive you can see a bump on the horizon that eventually turns into a gas station.  I can’t say much about the state other than it takes quite a bit of time to drive across. Lots of corn I should add.

Nevada – Man, there are slot machines everywhere, literally. I flew into the airport once and was surprised to see them even there, they’re ubiquitous.

New Hampshire – While I was in Maine, I made a quick trip into New Hampshire to check out a  mall, see part of the state and basically say I was there.  It looked like a nice state, similar to Maine or at least the area I saw.

New Jersey – I’ve been to New Jersey on several occasions but for work. The little I was able to see of it looked very industrial.

New York – I drove across part of the state on several occasions coming in from Pennsylvania and Canada via Buffalo.  I also spent some time in the Finger lakes area, Ithaca, Tioga and Cornell University.  This whole area is beautiful and the Cornell campus was impressive.

North Carolina – I drove up the coast one time, passing through on my way north. It’s a nice state, I liked it.

Ohio – Boy, I’ve driven through this state more than a few times on my way somewhere. I’ve been to Cedar Point a couple times as well as Toledo.  I’m a big college football fan and we need an evil empire to the south 🙂 makes the game interesting.

Oklahoma – I drove through once and back again on my way to a school.  The eastern part is wooded and rolling terrain but I noticed quite a few toll booths.  The western part (at least the southwest) is rather arid, parched really in the summer and with some of the biggest dragonflies I’ve ever seen.  I like Oklahoma, (at least the part I saw) despite the climate and oil wells, and casinos.

Pennsylvania – This is another state I’ve basically driven through on several occasions on my way east.  The little I saw of it was basically from the highway.  I did however stop in Breezwood a few times to eat and get gas.

South Carolina – The first time I drove the coast here, I stopped for the night at a hotel on the interstate.  I got out of my car and couldn’t believe the smell and as I was standing at the hotel desk checking in I asked if someone had bombed a sewage treatment plant.  The people standing there laughed and said, that’s a paper mill.  I said, it smells like that normally?  Yep, they remarked.  So, that was my first experience with a paper mill … wow. Other than that I liked the state for the small bit I saw from the interstate.

Tennessee – The experience I remember which has shaped my opinion was when I stopped at a restaurant in Chattanooga.  I was grabbing the door handle to enter at the same time the door was being locked (or about to be locked) by a staff member.  Despite this, they let me in, made a meal for me and the staff sat while I ate, never complaining.  I couldn’t believe they let me in as I was about to turn away and look for another place to eat.  They were friendly, helpful and it really left me with a great opinion of the state.  I’ve also been to Cade’s Cove and Pigeon Forge as well.  I camped out in Cade’s Cove and rambled around Pigeon Forge for a few days, it was entirely enjoyable.  Oh, did I mention I’ve been to the Jack Daniel’s Distillery in Lynchburg?  Yep

Texas – Everything’s bigger in Texas, or something like that.  It’s a big place and I’ve flown through several times.

Virginia – I’ve been here a few times, Virginia Beach and the Tidewater area. I had a great time and it was here I learned that ducks can stop traffic.  I was at a gas station on the corner of a 4 lane road and noticed some ducks standing on the curb.  I figured they would step out into traffic and … well, you know.  I was quite surprised when every lane stopped as soon as the ducks were on the curb and remained stopped until every duck had crossed.  I was a bit amazed as you can appreciate.  The attendant told me there was a large fine for anyone that hit a duck which probably explains the situation.  Virginia was great and I’d definitely return.  Almost forgot to mention the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I drove it on my way home one time and it’s an amazing drive the scenery, mountains, wildlife, parks and overlooks are an impressive site.  You really owe it to yourself to make the trip.

West Virginia – I’ve driven through West Virginia on several occasions and traveling through the mountains is a treat.  I spent a bit of time in Huntingdon, which is a nice city, friendly people and nestled in the mountains. This basically describes the whole state as far as I can tell as there are mountains everywhere.  It is a beautiful state and everyone I met was friendly.

Wisconsin – I’ve been here on several occasions and spent time in Toma, getting a bite to eat and window shopping. Wisconsin is a great state, plenty of forests, lakes, and activities to occupy your time.


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  1. Dolores Frykman Fryckman
    July 8, 2018 at 1:13 am

    Well, what a pleasure to find your travel site. Your Mom just shared it. Lost track of you after so much time on Ancestry. Love seeing your travels. Yes, you beat me. Made all fifty states, England, Hong Kong, Thailand, Grmany, Austria, Switzerland, Bahamas, and others. Catch me at dee53140@gmail.com. Nice work. Dee

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