I’ve been to Florida on several occasions.  The Gulf, the ocean, amusement parks the pan handle, Miami, resorts, beaches, babes, the Keys … Wow. I did the spring break thing in Daytona years ago and as you can imagine a good time was had by all.  lived on the Pan Handle for several months and even went to college for a semester in West Palm Beach.

West Palm is an interesting area as you have poverty and some semblance of a middle class on one side of the inter-coastal and unbelievable wealth on the other.   I did spend some time wandering around Palm Beach watching the rich shopping, and just being rich. The air even feels different, probably psychological I suppose.  The houses or rather the estates, were amazing and the country club is huge.  I spent most of my time in West Palm Beach, exploring and visiting various sites of interest.  I was in college at the time so you can probably surmise what my priorities were 🙂   It’s a nice city but I’d rather live in Palm Beach 🙂

Anyhow, I drove down to Jupiter beach for a swim one day and saw some turtle eggs, which is something you don’t see where I’m from.  As I was bent over inspecting them someone warned me not to touch as it is some sort of a crime so I backed off and headed for the water.  If you’ve never swam in the ocean be warned of the undertow.  I was facing the beach, not watching and a wave smacked me down and the undertow swept me out to sea.  I must have come up a 100 yards or so out so set and barely made it back.  I drug myself onto the beach exhausted and feeling quite lucky I’d made it back and promising pay closer attention to my surroundings in the future.

Ever been to the Pan Handle. I had a great time, lived there for a while in the Breakers an upscale condominium with it’s own grocery store on the first floor. I spent time in Sandestin, Fort Walton Beach and surrounding area.  I drove through Eglin Air Force Base to get there as there is a road running through it.  The pan handle is fun, plenty to do, beautiful beaches, the sun and surf.  I actually went down to look for a job but there was so much fun to be had I felt compelled to leave as I couldn’t see myself getting any work done anyhow.  It’s a great place to relax on the beach and enjoy the gulf.  While I was there I went on a deep sea fishing tour and caught a cobia and it must have weighed upwards of 70lbs.  We had only been out a short time when i started feeling a bit queasy and at the time I didn’t know why.  Turns out the boat was moving up and down with the water as it ebbed and flowed to the tune of around 15 feet or so in both directions.  The water is so vast I couldn’t tell but was able to get past it without any outside aid and the day turned out great.  Back to the fish.  I was in this seat with the pole supported and the crew gave me instruction on how to bring it in as I’d never caught a fish so large.  It was quite a bit of fun and the thing put up a fight but eventually I brought it into the boat. When we returned to the dock, a crew member filleted it and gave me the meat which I fried up and ate.

I drove alligator alley once as well, it was a nice drive, interesting landscape and yes I did see alligators and all sorts of wild life.  I was on my way somewhere so there were only minimal stops but I recommend making a trip if you get the chance.

Oh yes, I also visited the Bush Gardens “The Dark Continent” and brewery.  An amusement park and beer garden, as you can imagine I had a great time.  There is an area where you can get one free sample and interestingly enough they know if you’ve been there your allotted one time during the day. I returned after a few hours and someone recognized me.   Some of the people there really should work for the CIA if they can recognize someone with all the people milling about.  The rides were fun as well and Bush Gardens is definitely a place I could spend time in for its amusement park value.

I think I mentioned I made my way to Daytona beach for spring break a while back.  That place is looooaaaaaded with college student out for a good time,  It was a continuous party, on the beach, the bars, hotel rooms, you name it.  They probably still go down there for Spring Break and if you plan on heading down be aware it is a great time but party responsibly.

I don’t think I’ve ever been anywhere I didn’t like and this is one of them.  I enjoyed every minute in Florida and will not doubt return some day.


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