I’ve been to Hawaii twice, actually the island of Oahu but people generally just call the whole thing Hawaii. I saw pictures of the islands at various times and it looked like a paradise and I have to admit, for the most part it was.  There is quite a bit of commercialization on Oahu in various places, Waikiki comes to mind and the adjacent cities but there are large areas that are quite beautiful.  I stayed in a couple hotels the last time I went, one high end the other just bit down the economic chain.  I could go on and on about the place and may very well go off on a tangent but for starters here are some of the places I visited

Oahu:  What a beautiful island (even more so when you get away from the tourist areas)
Christian Science Society – what a beautiful place, the sides open up to let a breeze through. I loved it.

Punchbowl National Cemetery – I had to stop here and honor our veterans, the people who fought in the pacific theater were heros.  I saw an advertisement somewhere and with a bit of a drive I managed to wind my way up a hill and into the cemetery grounds. I drove  up, parked and walked into the building and I have to admit they did a great job designing it.

USS Arizona War Memorial – Another memorial to American veterans that died i Pearl Harbor.  An interesting time.

North Shore – I drove the coast all the way around the perimeter of the island (as much as I could), it’s beautiful.


Diamond Head



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