As I indicated, I spent a couple days in Maine a while back and really enjoyed it.  And I learned something interesting upon first arrival.  I stopped in at the first hotel I saw as it is one that is normally priced reasonably.  The rate was excessive by any normal standards and I was taken a bit aback.  I asked why the rates were so high and the manager indicated that this was “Leaf Viewing Season” or something to that effect.  The city dwellers come up in droves to see the fall colors.

I drove to Brunswick and located a place to stay and began exploring.  I made my way up to Bath and pulled in to a gas station to fill up.  As I was about to get out of my car a female attendant walked up and pushed the door shut, asking what I would like.  I told her I was about to pump some gas and she said, “Not here you aren’t”.  I told here back home there were no gas station attendants and she said “You’re in Maine now”, so I let her pump my gas. I went over to the park about the time an outdoor concert was about to be held so I sat on the grass and listened for an hour or so. It is a quiet town, at least as far as I could tell and although I was only there a few hours, I enjoyed it.

I was making my way back to Brunswick and passed a yard sale with loads of stuff on the lawn.  The house was set way back off the road, quite a distance from the goods being sold and on one of the tables was a bowl and a sign that read, “Place money in bowl”.  I was a bit surprised as I don’t recall seeing this type of thing back home.  Upon reaching Brunswick I stopped in to a restaurant and seated myself.  The waitress walked up and I immediately said, “You’re not going to believe what I just saw”.  She asked “What?” and I told her the scene I had recently passed.  She asked me where I was from and when I told her she said, “This isn’t ….., This is Maine, you can leave your stuff out and no one will steal it.   We both had a laugh, I ordered some seafood (it is Maine after all) and afterwards did some souvenir shopping.  As I drove around I noticed a nice little college named Bowdoin College. The whole area is heavily wooded and the college is nestled in this setting and makes for an excellent environment.

Maine, as I learned is basically an enormous forest with a few roads running through it and at night if you’re outside the city it is scary dark, pitch black really.  I remember being in an area where if not for the headlights you could barely see your hand in front of your face.  Probably where Stephen King got his inspiration.  It is a beautiful state and I recommend going if you get the chance.


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