I have driven out to Massachusetts on several occasions and found the state to be quite attractive with rolling heavily wooded landscapes.  I think most Americans recognize that the east coast is where our forefathers worked to establish this country and Massachusetts has plenty of historical evidence to verify this.  One place I spent quite a bit of time in is Boston.  What a great city, alive with activity and rich in history, it is a true melting pot with a multi-cultural reflection of the world.  I just loved it and spent parts of several days exploring.

My first trip to the state found me driving the interstates from Michigan and making a stop at Pittsfield along the way as I had some errands to run.   So far I’ve driven through the state several times with Boston as my primary destination but have made pit stops along the way for various reasons. It is quite beautiful in the fall when the leaves turn colors and if you intend to visit be prepared for the hotel prices.  I remember stopping at a Red Roof Inn one time and asked what the rate was.  I believe the number I was given was $100 per night and I was a bit taken aback. I brought to their attention the location of the place and condition of the exterior and they just laughed at me. I was curious how such a price could be justified and they told me it was the fall when people come to see the leaves turning colors.  The demand is so high thy can really jack up the prices as tourists will pay a premium during this time of the year. So, being an unwitting victim I learned a lesson about the area and chalked it up to experience.

Despite any of the lessons I learned during my trips I loved the state and if you want to read more visit my destination pages here:


Christian Science Church, Boston


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