Allen Park Festival

In summers 2012, i was wondering if i can land to a paradise featuring blend of colors, drama, sounds and yes, lots of mouth watering street food like we used to enjoy in our childhood. Well, you got me right, actually I was yearning for a full of blast, city fair. But as you know, there are so many places which launch fairs at summer time, so i had many places on the list. Suddenly, i got my friend’s call, who was planning a trip to Allen Park Festival, to join him up on the tour. I grabbed my laptop and checked the reviews for this festival and found it really amazing. At times, it happens with all, you don’t make plans and but the plans are specially made for you. Like, the trip to Allen park festival for me.

Allen Park Festival  8-4-2012 11-05-45 PM Allen Park Festival  8-4-2012 11-05-046 Allen Park Festival  8-4-2012 11-05-047


Next day, we were are all ready for the trip. Luckily, the weather was also in our favor that day, as you can see in the pictures, the sky is full of low flying clouds and free from scorching heat. The festival usually begins from 10a.m and ends by 9 at night. So, we had a lot of time to rock the night. Now, you must be thinking, was it a rock and sound show which made me say so. That’ because in evening, lot of rock bands were going to hit the floor, so the place was full choked of crowds and especially my favorite band was coming, which really boosted by fair mania. These guys just have magical voice and their instruments sounds really good. Believe me, they can really drive that crazy nomad out of you.

Allen Park Festival  8-4-2012 11-05-048 Allen Park Festival  8-4-2012 11-05-049 Allen Park Festival  8-4-2012 11-05-050 Allen Park Festival  8-4-2012 11-54-03 PM


Now, when you are in a fair and you miss the fun of adventurous rides, your trip would sound incomplete. So, guys, our next halt was the long circular ride, which made us whirl around the whole fairground. Then, we also tried the monster soring ride, that was more thrilling and full of shouts than the previous one. By 7 p.m, the stars started to appear in the sky and the night lights added a lot more charm to the fair.

Allen Park Festival  8-4-2012 11-54-005 Allen Park Festival  8-4-2012 11-54-006

My buddy was dying of appetite, so we decided to have some yummy street food, my all time favorite. There were lot of stalls which had burgers, spicy snacks and lot more, that we mostly love to enjoy in a fair festival. While we were heading for the rock show, we saw a candy man. In childhood, we used to call them doll here, as they pretty much look like a barby doll hair. We bought three cotton candies, that reminded us all of our sweet, childish memories, we cherished together.

Allen Park Festival  8-4-2012 1-42-48 AM Allen Park Festival  8-4-2012 11-54-008

For people, who find fairs a way to cherish memories and try loads of amusement rides, whether its with the band show; jumping and dancing together or the thrills of the highest swing rides must visit Allen Park Festival once in a while.



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