I’ve driven to or through Missouri several times and I enjoyed every time.  My impression of the state depends on location as some is wooded with rolling terrain, other places are long stretches of farmland and then there are the cities.  As far as I remember, everyone I met along the way was friendly.

The first time I visited the state (if you can call it that) was when I drove through on my way to south west Oklahoma for work.  It was basically a drive straight through with an overnight at a hotel near the Missouri-Oklahoma border.  The drive was actually decent as I liked the rolling terrain and green landscape.

The next time I was there I actually lived in the vicinity of Fort Leonard Wood for several months and the area as I recall is very heavily wooded, rolling terrain and dotted with small towns in the surrounding area. I liked it as the landscape reminded me of home quite a bit.

The last time I recall being in Missouri, it was a trip to St. Louis which was another memorable trip for several reasons which I mention on the St. Louis page.


Overall, I would definitely return to Missouri for a nice relaxing vacation as the landscape is similar to what I’m accustomed to, the people were nice and the cost of living reasonable.


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