St. Louis, Missouri

Pictures and Videos taken during a road trip from South Rockwood, Michigan to St. Louis, Missouri. I took the interstate route I-75 and I-70 and stayed at the Crowne Plaza in downtown St. Louis.

I stayed at the Crown Plaza while I was in town due to its location and amenities. It’s a nice place, the staff was friendly and it appeared well maintained. You pull up to check in and can either get valet service or drive in to the parking area yourself and they’ll stamp your permit as part of the daily room charge. There’s a restaurant, conference rooms as well as a nice continental breakfast on the upper floor if its part of your room charge. Like I said, the primary draw was it’s location to the venue I had driven there to visit. I was participating in a veteran’s business expo. So, I checked in to the hotel and headed over to the convention center.

The center was only a short walk from the hotel and in a few minutes I was there.  It’s quite large and filled with conference rooms of various sizes as well as main expo areas. The check-in was quite easy and I quickly had my entry ID, table location, meal tickets and other goodies in my welcome bag.  I headed over to my area, set up my table and proceeded to wander around the conference center. I spent two days at my table, speaking with potential customers, looking at the other booths and networking.  It was sort of a fun time and a real learning experience.

In my free time I wandered around the immediate area and familiarized myself with possible activities and venues of interest.  St. Louis seems like a nice place and the streets were quite clean which I found very pleasant.  I ended up speaking with a couple locals who asked me if I was going to a baseball game since there was on the day I arrived. Turns out that veterans get standing room tickets for free so I thought, what the heck and walked over to the stadium.  I grabbed my ticket and walked in to see my first game in St. Louis.

The baseball stadium in St Louis is quite a place and it is apparent (at least to me) that the owners must have invested a substantial sum.  It is beautiful, easy to get to, and the atmosphere is family friendly.  I enjoyed an evening watching the game compliments of the St. Louis baseball organization, had a bit to eat and the whole night turned out great.

At one point I walked over to the Arch as it dominates the view when you are close.  The thing is huge when you’re next to the base and I learned there is a museum there as well.  There is quite a bit of history to browse through and it would easily eat up an entire day to experience and read everything available.  I did spend several hours reading about the history of the area and at one point attempted to ride to the top of the arch but the line was too long so I opted out.

Overall I enjoyed my trip even though it was mostly work and I would probably return if I ever get the chance to spend more time visiting the landmarks, pubs and restaurants.


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