British Isles

Ahh, the British Isles.  I spent around 10 months living and traveling throughout




and enjoyed every minute of it.  The Brits are a fascinating bunch and the phrase the Americans and British, two people separated by a common language is humorous and true.  My British friends had quite a bit of fun with me by regularly asking me to pronounce something after which they would laugh.  And football?  They are dead serious about this and wouldn’t hesitate to clarify the that soccer is called Football, you Americans got it wrong.

Anyhow, on the following pages you will see most of the places I traveled to while I was there as I took hundreds of pictures and shot many videos which I posted here.  There is a tremendous amount of history here and it was quite interesting wandering through the various castles, cathedrals and historical sites that literally dot the landscape.  I quite enjoyed telling my friends of where I’d just been and ask them what they knew of it.  Surprising though how much more I saw in the short time I was there than the people who actually lived in the country.

It reminded me of back home when people come visit and tell me about it.  I live within commuting distance of many interesting places but have never taken the time to visit, not exotic enough I guess.   It seems foreign countries are always more interesting than where you come from.  The Brits seem to act the same way and were eager to visit the U.S. for a variety of reasons not the least of which was the lower cost for clothing.

That was a recurring theme I ran into while there, the Brits come to the U.S. with empty trunks and shop because the prices are so reasonable compared to where they live.  Their currency at the time bought them around 60% more spending power than they had back home so a trip to the U.S. was quite reasonable.

I found my way as far north as Inverness, Scotland and as far south as the lower part of London on the expressway.  I drove around the city once as I missed an exit while admiring the countryside and ended driving around the entire city so I went over and under the Themes.

Anyhow, look at all the pages, leave some comments (constructive, please) and enjoy them. It was a great time and I’d love to go back some day.



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