A Carnival in Cambridge

Who doesn’t like a carnival?  I know I do so when I saw a poster plastered on a wall advertising it during one of my trips to Cambridge, I knew I had to return for it.  It was a typical carnival as I’ve come to expect from those I’ve visited in the United States except for one thing… It was in England!  Yea.

It had everything you’d expect, rides, vendors selling food and home made goods as well as a stage for performers.  I spent the better part of the day eating and listening to the performers and enjoyed the entire time.  It was sunny and hot most of the day as I recall, despite the clouds showing up in these photos.  I saw some interesting things like local performers which turn up on other pages here like the dancing astronaut which I’ll cover more of later.

You can see from the photos on my site that the attractions bear a resemblance to what you’d expect and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  Riding the rides, enjoying the cotton candy and just enjoying the day with their families.  How often to you get to see a Jedi Knight or people painted gold walking on stilts.

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