Ely Cathedral Tour 1

The place was bustling with tourists all heading in the direction of the Cathedral and people were coming out of every street and alley I passed.  I stopped at a couple of places along the way to sample some of the breakfast foods and search through the souvenir shops as I am a tourist, but found nothing of interest.

The Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Ely.  It is the main church of the Diocese of Ely, in Cambridgeshire, England, and is the seat of the Bishop of Ely and a suffragan bishop, the Bishop of Huntingdon. Locally  it is known as as “the ship of the Fens”, because of its prominent shape that towers above the surrounding flat and watery landscape.

So, I purchased my ticket and wandered in the place. This was the largest cathedral I had been in at the time and the craftsmanship is amazing. You can see in these photos the work that went into this place.  It is very ornate with much color scheme of the carvings and sculptures still quite vivid.  I didn’t check but I imagine there is quite a bit of ongoing maintenance as the structure is remarkably well preserved.  As is the case with all of these structures I have visited they are cool probably by design as the ceilings are quite high and very ornamental I should add.  I think I saw some radiant type heater along the wall but still I dont’ see how they could possibly add much heat to a place of this scale.  The people who have worked here throughout the centuries must really be dedicated.

As I wandered around I saw quite a few saints, knights, royals and various other notable figures from history entombed.  It must be a privilege to be entombed in these structures as every one I visited if quite filled with them.

It’s a magnificent structure as you can see and I spent several hours wandering around it.  Back

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