Heathrow to Alconbury Roadtrip

So I was bored and after the taxi driver picked me up I entertained myself by taking pictures and movies along the route from London’s Heathrow Airport and where I was staying at RAF Alconbury which is adjacent to Huntingdon.

You can see the airport and a few of the buildings and roads along the way.  I’ve been through a few airports over the years and Heathrow has proven to be basically trouble free and the Brits quite easy to deal with.  But I also don’t cause any trouble and have my paperwork in order so keep that in mind as well.

Also, when I use the word taxi, the company I use normally turns up with a van as they occasionally pick up a couple of tourists at the same time.  I was talking with driver about the van while we drove and it turns out these vans get something like 40 miles per gallon. I was amazed to hear that as I wondered how he was able to make money driving such a large vehicle around with the price of fuel the way it is in England.  He said the vehicles in England don’t have all the safety equipment, like glass, special bumpers, steel and other requirements the Americans suffer with so the vehicles get remarkably good gas mileage.

Energy is expensive in England as being an island everything (or most things have to be shipped in) so they are probably quite good at saving energy and eliminating things what sound nice but hamper energy efficiency.

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