The Manor & Hotel

Like I said. I’ve been here several times over the years and enjoyed the Pub experience and the meals as well.

The first time a bunch of us met in the evening for work as someone mentioned that you could order a steak and they gave you a hot stone to cook it on.  I thought this was an interesting concept so I followed along and ordered a steak to see the hot stone in action.  They bring the steak partially cooked, medium rare I believe and you can cook it to the point you wish.  It brings an added experience to the meal and I rather enjoyed it.  The meal was great and we ended up staying several hours enjoying the environment.

The next time we just stopped by to say hello as one of the people i was traveling with knows the owner.  He is quite friendly and we spent an hour or so chatting with the locals. While there I learned they serve venison so we decided to get a group together and try it along with the hot rock again.  You have to order venison in advance as it turns out a local butcher has to get the meat through someone who has a special license to hunt deer.  Weapons and hunting in England are a whole other issue and I won’t go into it here but suffice it to say they are a bit more strict than in the states.

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Anyhow, we pre-ordered the venison and showed up a few days later with quite a large group and the were waiting.  They had to coordinate who ordered what and then prepare the meals as they knew what we ordered but not the exact time we would show up, just a window. So we sat and had some drinks (pop,coffee etc) and waited for the main course.  One thing I like and had to get used to when overseas is the speed with which things are served.  You have time to have a conversation before the meal arrives and it took about 30 minutes or so.  This is much different than a typical American restaurant experience where the get the meal to you as soon as possible.  The venison arrived along with the hot stone and I got to work, cooking it to my taste and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  I think the meal and desserts experience lasted 2 or three hours and I had a nice relaxing meal with a bunch of friends and co-workers.

I forgot to mention that in the rear of the place is what once was an enormous tree that lightning hit I think. So, some time after that someone carved animals and faces into the sides of what remained.  Did quite a job too, check out the photos.


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