Grimsthorpe Castle

As I indicated, one of the places I visited while in the county of Lincolnshire was Grimsthorpe Castle and although it is a country estate it is called a castle nonetheless.  I spent a few hours there looking the place over as it was pointed out to me by some locals.  If not for them I would not even have been aware of it’s existence.

It was a nice place to spend a few hours though and turned out to be filled with art, sculptures, furnishings and items of historical significance.  Turns out the place is still lived in by people related to the Astors and has been around since 1140 or so it appears.  As you approach the front there are two massive towers on either corner which creates quite a commanding appearance and may be the reason it is referred to as a castle.

As you wander around the place, most of the rooms have a velvet cord across the door preventing you from entering but you can lean in and admire the contents.  Everything looks historic as you can see from the photos, it is well maintained and there must be millions in historical items throughout this place.

The grounds and surrounding gardens are manicured and meticulously kept, everything green, trimmed and waiting for some prominent figure from the past to show up. Out front is a store and close by some animals for a farm-like setting where you can relax and enjoy some ice-cream. No doubt in it’s hey day it was a center for political intrigue, as well as a place for royals and dignitaries to meet for dinner an parties.  The history behind it is quite interesting as you can appreciate and was even used during world war II as lodging and an emergency landing strip for troops.



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