Well, on to Stamford then. I found a place to park and wandered around as I normally do and visited the little shops that lined the streets. I just loved this place with it’s cobblestone street, buildings that are hundreds of years old and the locals who were quite friendly. One of the first things I noticed was a sign affixed to a stone wall so I walked over to read it. Here is what was written:

In the House on this site of No 9 Barn Hill, King Charles I slept for the last time as a free man (4th May 1646). Through the gateway of the house leading to the north he passed disguised as a servant. Two days afterwards he surrendered to the Scots’ Army

Can you believe it? This is what I love about England, there is history everywhere. People probably pass by this sign every day and are unaware of it’s existence. A King no less was here and was turned over I believe to the forces of Oliver Cromwell who I think executed him. Tough times and tough people.

I spent several hours browsing the stores and speaking with various people from all over the world as this seems to be quite an attraction for foreigners as well as locals. The town was packed not only because of the history but there was a small fair underway on the weekend I was there.

I ended up eating in a restaurant that had been continuously operating as a hotel/restaurant for I think around 1000 years. The owner came over and introduced himself for some reason, he may have done that to everyone but I was unaware of it until he approached my table. He is the one that told me about the history of the place and I was understandably impressed.

Well, enough I could to on and on. It was a great place, I loved walking around and I may return if I’m in the area

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