Scottish Roadtrip

As I mentioned earlier I jumped in my car one day and drove to Scotland, through Glasgow and on to Inverness and you can see photos below at on my other social media sites.

I drove up from Huntingdon, England and got on the M74(M) as I entered Scotland and drove through Glasgow.  I then got on the highway that travels by Glasgow, Cumbermauld, Bonnybridge, Bannockburn, Stirling, Dunblane, Auchterarder, Perth, Luncarty, Bankfoot, Dunkeld, Pitlochry, Newtonmore, Aviermore and ultimately to Inverness so I could look for the Lochness Monster.

The small cities along the way were quite nice and the Highlands were beautiful with the purple flowers on the rolling landscape.   The hillside was covered with Bluebells (Hyacinthoides non-scripta) and made the ride very enjoyable.  The entire trip was was basically a two lane blacktop type road on rolling terrain.  There was quite a bit of construction during the time I traveled which extended the trip by several hours.  None of the drivers seemed to mind as the pace was rather slow to begin with.

I finally arrived at Inverness and immediately loved the place.  It looks and smells like an old shipping town with modern amenities like a McDonalds in the center.  The people were friendly and the area was bustling with activity.  As I mentioned, it looked like an old seafaring town, with the many old buildings, shops and houses nestled together throughout the whole area.

The whole town looks like its been there for centuries and would be a great place to hang out for a while.  I was in sort of a hurry and stopped in at the McDonalds to grab a cup of coffee and drive around the area.  I did spend time wandering throughout the small city and its adjacent area to get a feel for the place and felt like I could live there.  It was a mixture of the old and new so you have an environment where you can enjoy some modern things and still have a feel for what things looked like centuries ago.

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