I was sitting in a restaurant one Saturday looking at a map and realized Wales was only a few hours away from where I lived.  Well, maybe not a few but a reasonable distance.  I figured I was up for a day tour and picked a place to visit or perhaps two.  Wales is more or less another country with it’s own language that is dying I’m told which is unfortunate.  The country is almost entirely rolling and covered with vegetation, very rural which I liked.

Oh, the two places I chose to visit or actually one place with a few sites.  I chose Cardiff the capital and a church to visit.  The whole day was quite enjoyable despite being a bit overcast which I’ve come to understand is the norm in the area.  I’ll cover each area in more detail on other pages but suffice it to say Wales is a unique place with a history intertwined with that of England, which comes as no surprise.  It seems to be a very independent area and I recall reading a bit of history where at one point it was controlled by three princes that would not give in to whoever was King of England at the time.  Maybe that’s the reason, I’m not sure but my impression is the people see themselves as Welsh and sort of their own country.  The trip was enjoyable and I think you’ll enjoy the pictures I took.

I managed to visit the capital city and a church among other things and here are the links:

Cardiff – my trip to Cardiff

Christian Science Society – a church I visited while in Cardiff


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