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As I normally do, I either look up the local church before I arrive or search for it during my travel in each area.  I looked up the Cardiff church before I arrived and it was easy to find. I drove past it and came back around via a small alley and parked out back of the church.  I was there early and the first person to arrive looked a bit nervous as I was sitting there in my car.  I got out and introduced myself, told her where I was from and she invited me in.

The outside of the church is very well kept and sits on a road that leads directly into Cardiff. The exterior is a white stucco type of surface but I think it may actually be concrete with a veneer. The roof is tiled as is the norm I’ve found in the United Kingdom as far as I can tell.  In the back there is a pointed roof structure that extends out of the tile roof.  I’m not sure of the function but it goes well with the building.  There’s a red covered archway that leads you to a set of double doors into the church.  The church has some small shrubs on its exterior that go well with the building and the adjacent structures also have various shrubs and trees that give somewhat of a country feel to the place. Upon entry I could see the interior is just as clean and well kept as the outside.  The entry area has a bench with a small table that has upon it periodicals to read while you wait or just to relax with before or after the service I imagine.  The area where the service is held consists of a lectern and individual chairs arranged in a semi-circle which are quite comfortable and I enjoyed them as I listened to the service.  If you look backwards from the lectern there’s a balcony which is entirely in white, for people to watch the service from I imagine.  Off the balcony area there are a couple of rooms, one for board meetings, a classroom for older students and offices.  I took a picture of the lectern area from the balcony as you can see, quite nice in the following pages and my other sites.

The children’s room has everything you may need to entertain children that are too young for school or the service.  It had some toys, a few small desks and supplies to help with the young children or babies when they arrive.

The reading room is very nice, plenty of books, places to sit and read and is an area that is well lit and has a view of the street.  The periodicals are all recent but also available are books and magazines which are a bit older but just as interesting and valuable as all the others.   After the service the members asked me to remain for some socializing and also light snacks and drinks. I remained after the service and had a nice conversation with everyone and asked advice on where I should visit while in Cardiff.  Everyone was quite nice and being the only American made me somewhat the center of attention which can be enjoyable from time to time.  After the meet and greet I said my goodbyes and was on my way into the city for a day of sightseeing.

I had plenty of time and took a bunch of pictures. It’s a lovely church, stop by if you get a chance

Pictures of The Christian Science Society Cardiff, Wales

Pictures of The Christian Science Society Cardiff, Wales



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