Southeastern Europe

So I spent around 10 months traveling around Southeastern Europe and loved it.  The cost of living is quite reasonable compared to the west and the people are friendly and accommodating. The following pages are filled with pictures and comments on the places I’ve been, look around and use them to decide where you want to travel.   Here are the countries I visited while in the area

Albania – The Albanians are great people as far as my experience and I even recall people who couldn’t even speak English attempting to help me in various situations.  I loved it and would return if I had the chance.

Bosnia-Herzegovina – I visited Sarajevo and Mostar while there and found everyone to be friendly and helpful, despite the struggles they endure.  I saw many backpackers while there so it must be a magnet for them as well.

Bulgaria – The Bulgarians have their own economic troubles as do most of the Eastern Europeans but as a general rule they were nice and there is much to see throughout the country.

Croatia – I drove the coast and stopped in Dubrovnik.  More on this later but Dubrovnik is amazing. This was part of a Road Trip I took.

Greece – I made my way to Thessoloniki for Christmas and had a great time. I mean, it’s Greece what a fabulous place.

Kosovo – If you are into international events you have some idea what’s going on here but the populace is very polite but somewhat conservative.  I was in Pristina and had a great time.

Macedonia – I spent quite a bit of time in Macedonia, primarily in Skopje and had a great time. It’s inexpensive and there is loads to do.

Montenegro – This is a beautiful country and I drove the coast leading up to Croatia.  If you have the chance drive the route through the port area.  What a beautiful area the coast is.

Serbia – I toured the major city and had dinner and drinks on the Danube.  Quite a bit of history and I loved the time I spent here.

Turkey – Wow, Istanbul has it all, the Bosphorus, history and it straddles two continents.  If you ever have the chance go, it’s literally filled with things to do.

Ok, so depending on who you ask these countries may end up being encompassed in a different geographical area, Turkey for instance.  But, for my purposes, they are Southeastern Europe.


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