I went to or through Albania several times and you will see it show up on individual pages and as part of a road trip I took through the Balkans. I met a bunch of Albanians in Tirana (Tiranë ), Skodra  (Shkodër), the border and while driving through the country.  Albania itself still shows some signs from the war in the 1990s and the population in general earns meager salaries.  Aside from that found every one of them to be friendly and helpful, without exception.  The two cities I did visit and spend a bit of time in, (one more than another) as I mentioned earlier were Tirana and Skodra.

I drove through Skodra and although I didn’t stop for long I did manage to spend a bit of tie driving through the city and snapping some pictures.  As I indicated, it appeared as if it were in the process of being rebuilt but there was quite a bit of traffic and a decent amount of people in the city shopping and hanging out. I saw quite a few stores, coffee houses and restaurants throughout the town but not many people were outside on the sidewalk cafes.  This was probably due to the time of year as it was a bit cool when I drove through.  I was in the middle of a whirlwind tour of Albania and Skodra was on the list for reasons I’ll cover on another page.

I did drive around the countryside and ended up at one or more of the airports to look around and have a cup of coffee.  I may have even driven on a airport tarmack and runway but that is my secret.  It was sort of overgrown and not maintained very well for some reason but I didn’t stop to ask. Albania is only a short drive from where I was living in Pristina, Kosovo and a large section of the highway leading to Tirana was actually new and western in appearance.  This cut the driving time significantly and increased the amount of traffic transiting between the two countries.

The countryside is rather rolling and green with houses of various sizes dotting the landscape. Interestingly enough there are a remarkable number of houses and buildings partially built and I heard various explanations as I traveled most of which were at least plausible.  In any event I sort of liked Albania and if I’m ever in the area again I intend to stop and visit again.

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