National Ballet

I overheard a conversation some friends were having about a ballet they saw and Inquired as to how I obtain tickets.  Someone told me they could get a couple but for some reason that never materialized and as luck would have it I stumbled on someone willing to help.

While I was at the Marine Corps Ball I struck up a conversation with a woman at my table who happened to be – are you ready for this? – A ballerina that performs at the National Theater.  I told her of my plight and she told me to select a date and she would have tickets for me at the window when I arrived.

So, I invited a couple friends and we met in front of the theater on the appointed date.  I picked up my tickets and walked into the entry area.  It’s a well kept building with quite a bit of wood on the interior that is polished and carved.  The places must hold several hundred people and when you purchase your ticket it has a seat number (this goes for the movies as well).  I sat in my assigned seat and as the ballet was about to begin I noticed that for whatever reason the place was only half full.  The front row was completely empty so I figured what the heck and moved up to the center of the stage in the front row. Good thing too as the ballet was amazing as I had never been to one and the costumes, dancing and music were quite a spectacle for me.

Having never been to a Ballet I marveled at the fluid movement of the dancers on stage as they moved about in concert with the music.  The whole thing lasted over an hour I think and there were a couple brief intermissions when some of the dancers changed costume and the stage was changed to match the scene.  I saw the woman who gave me the tickets and waved to her to say thanks. I think she was a bit surprised I showed up as it turns out the place isn’t normally full.  I’m glad I went as now I can say I not only saw a ballet, I saw a National Troupe of dancers in Kosovo.  I think a few of them were actually from other countries who had come to Pristina, tried out and made the troupe.  I actually enjoyed it and if you’re ever in Pristina, you should stop by and watch a play, the orchestra or national ballet team

Here are some additional pictures if you are interested

National Ballet



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